Help understanding the digital signal for audio

Hi, I am using bluesound node 2i digital out into Denafrips Venus 2 Dac via coax cable.  Since I am bypassing the dac in the node 2i does that mean the digital signal is being clocked and processed by the Venus DAC?  If so how would an upgraded streamer change the sound?





You are asking two different questions.  First, the processing of the digital out from the Node is performed by the DAC.   This means the digital signal is converted into an analog form suitable for hearing.  Some DACs perform jitter reduction and other sonic improvements, some do not.   Check with the Venus spec sheet to find out what is does and how much it does.    Second, the Node is a streaming end point, not the source of the digital stream.   That means internet radio is the source and the node is the end point.   Likewise, if you have a ROON music server, the Node is the endpoint, not the source.   Both the source and the end point can have an impact on the sound.  

Hi I think there is confusion.  I have a bluesound Node 2i which is a streamer and also has a dac.  I go coax digital out of the node 2i which bypasses the inboard dac.


So would a more expensive streamer do something different than what the node 2i is doing?  Like less jitter? 



Better sound as determined by ears. There is no reason to know why unless you are building one.

You can improve the 2i with a better SPDIF cable depending on what you got.

S/PDIF is sensitive to the jitter of the source, though better DACs handle jitter in the source a lot better today than they used to.

Asynchronous USB however should be immune to source jitter.  Assuming your streamer has relatively high jitter, a better streamer, or one that uses asynch USB would lower the jitter and potentially sound better.


I have been working on upgrading my digital systems for over twenty years (audio for fifty). Currently my digital systems are on par with my excellent turntable. 

Each component matters. The streamer, DAC, Preamp, and amp must be at similar levels to maximize the output. 

Typically it is said that if you are using a USB connection the bitstream is retimed by the DAC. It is more complicated than that, but a good way to look at it. Through the connection you have (SP/DIF I assume)  your bit stream is not retimed. Meaning in an elementary way you have your cheaper unit doing the timing. Try the USB connection.


Can you benefit from a better streamer, most likely yes. I have used many, my recommendation is Aurender… the best you can afford. I have had cheap streamers, $4K, $8K, and $22K streamers and they matter. Like the turntable the better the quieter the source, the better your system can sound.

I apologize and yes from the Vinshine website for Venus 2

"All digital input are FIFO buffered and reclocked by improved Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators TCXO"

So this likely is the reason when I tried Lumin, Rose streamers vs Bluesound Node 2i it was hard to hear much of a difference.  I heard more black background but I am still learning and hearing so there could be more of a sound diff.