Help Tweak Office System

Hello All. I have the following office system:

Sharp SD - SG11 source feeding Epos ELS 3 speakers. Currently am using bulk monster speaker cable w/ no termination.
I am in search of the following enhancements:

1. 6ft single-wire speaker cable for around $50 w/ spades or bananas.
2. Something to lift the speakers off the wood credenza (perhaps blu tak?) for around $20.
3. Most important of all: something to clean up the awful power in my office building which is causing quite a bit of hum as soon as system is turned on. Hoping to limit this to around $100 given the low cost of the system and lack of critical listening. The hum is really killing my ability to enjoy.

I'm willing to purchase used gear. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


P.S. For anyone who finds it interesting, I did hook up the Epos ELS 3's to my second system at home to compare it to the JM Reynaud Twin MK II's that I use in that system. They held their own and were quite enjoyable though lacked a little of the richness that makes the Twins so musical. An excellent choice for minute and inexpensive montiors.
(1) Buy a 6' pair of Paul Speltz Anti-Cable speaker wire for $60 w/spades.
(2) Try 8 of those rubber and cork isolation pads that sell 4/$10. Or get some used, No. 4 Vibrapods (8 @ $3, if possible).
(3) Get a PowerVar power conditioner. If you are patient, you can find a good deal on e-Bay. I got an unused, ABC600 for $60.