help turntable upgrade

currently have music hall mmf-5. recently attempted to change cartridge for the firest time and broke 2 connectors but managed to solder them back on.The tonearm will need to be rewired but ive decided to spen the money on a better turntable. My budget is around 1500-2000.
the vpi scout , michell tecnodek,thorens td-800, and the new marantz tt-15 are about all i know of in this price range. Ive never bought used equipment as i am faily new to this sight but that would be an option.Dont want t o commit much more since i only have around 200 albums and around 4000 cds. currently using musical fidelity x-lps,
x10v3 tube stage connected to the x-psu power supply.
would appreciate any advise.
If you can up your budget just a bit, Hollywood Sound currently has a Spacedeck/Ace-Spacearm on the Gon. Fabulous sounding rig that requires not much from you in the way of set up and maintenance. This one gets my vote.

buy a quality used table.
There is a good used Sota table for sale right now on A'Gon. You might want to check it out. You won't believe what you are missing once you compare the sound to the MusicHall. Sota will also upgrade the unit if required in the future. Good deal!
I would certainly recommend a used SOTA table as I own a SOTA Nova Series V (upgraded from a Star Series III that I bought used). As Sit said, the upgrade path with SOTA is well worth it. Based on what I paid to upgrade my Star to a Nova, I could not have bought anything remotely close in quality as a replacement to the SOTA.

However, I would be very careful in buying a used SOTA that requires the table to be shipped. Make sure the owner has all the original packaging and knows how to secure the table and prepare it for shipment. One option is to call SOTA and speak with Kirk about used or reconditioned tables they have available.