Help, Turntable Belt.... Weird

Okay so I called the distributor of my turntable and I had a slight problem with the belt, so anyway they told me to clean it with Windex? These seems a little off to me but maybe I am wrong, does'nt windex have like Ammonia and or other components that could soften or damage rubber?

Anyway, I will clean and Talc it but what is a correct cleaner for this method?

Also they want kinda a lot of money for a replacement belt from them direct, anybody got good cheap online sources for a new belt?

I just got a very reasonably priced belt for my TT at I've also used with success. Shop around - belt prices vary widely.
Teac used to make a rubber conditioner that came in a bottle for reconditioning rubber pinch rollers and guides and it worked great on belts. I actually still have a bottle of this, but I'm sure on the Pro audio use side, someone must make the same thing? Maybe Numark or Tascam.

Try this URL for belts cheap:
Just a suggestion, cause I don't know what TT you have and because I don't know exactly what "something wierd" means.

I had something wierd happening with my belt a while ago. It's a VPI and the belt was kind of flipping up and down on the platter. Cleaned the belt. Bought a new one. Still happening. I finally found that there was talc packed into the flywheel groove. Picked that out with a toothpick and cleaned it with alcohol/Windex and all is fixed. Now I've got an extra belt in case I need it.

These guys.
don't use windex.

the problem is the solvents in it and not the ammonia.

I would use a gentle soap and then air dry

(vpi aries owner)
It depends on the composition of the belt. If the manufacturer recommends Windex then use it. I service belt driven mechanisms (not audio) all day long and use Windex or generics to clean belts regularly with no ill effects. BTW speed and timing is extremely critical to the equipment I'm referring to.
It would really help to know what your turntable is. If it's a VPI with the original (not black) belt(s) , I've had a lot of success with the following regimen: periodically remove the belt, clean the surface of the pulley(s) and platter with alcohol -- I use a cotton ball -- clean the belt with alcohol, BOIL the belt for 30 seconds, let it dry, talc the belt and replace it on the platter. Over a 12-year period with the same turntable (early model VPI TNT) I've never had a belt go "bad" although one or two have eventually stretched to the point where the boiling process didn't bring them back. Incidentally, Mike at VPI suggested the boiling treatment. I seriously doubt that these belts have any rubber in them, BTW, and I don't necessarily recommend the treatment on non-VPI tables. But it sure works for me. Dave
what weird meant is the Windex suggested, the Turntable is a music Hall, but I hope the same rubber as any? Thanks guys will look into it.
A little off-topic, but still a good tip. My TT can sit for weeks without being used. To greatly extend the life of the belt, I slip it off during these periods. It’s a small inconvenience to have to slip it on again when listening, but you’ll get years more use before the belt’s stretched to the point of needing replacement. or I've bought from both.