Help! - tube complement advice - SFS 40

Hello. I recently acquired a Sonic Frontiers SFS 40. It is my very first tube amplifier. It will probably be powering a pair of B&W 805’s, but I need to break in this amp and engage in some in-home listening room demo sessions before any final decisions. I am looking for advice on good “new” or “new old stock” tube complements fitting within a $300 budget. I am open to either tube complements based on the stock EL34/6DJ8 setup, or any of the optional tube complements. This includes 6CA7’s or 6550/6550A/KT88/KT90/KT99a types, and ECC88, 6922 or 7308/E188CC designations for the i/o. The amplifier did come with (2) complete tube complements. I have no idea how many hours are on any of these tubes. I have the original matched pairs of Gold Aero EL34’s. I also have matched pairs of Svetlana EL34’s, they appear to be Svetlana’s “Mullard” copies. I have (2) of the original (4) Gold Aero 6DJ8’s. I also have a matched pair of Sovtek 6922’s. Additionally, I have (4) mystery i/o tubes. The manufacturer appears to be Russian; but as I do not read Russian, I just don’t know. They are all in their original packages; (3) unopened, (1) open, probably for inspection. I’m also assuming zero hours on any of them. Anyhow, in addition to advice on a fresh set, any advice on the tubes I do have would also be greatly appreciated. More later on those mystery tubes after I get a translator involved. Thanks.
I have the black frontplate. If somebody will swap his gold with me, i would be glad.
@ninetynine -    Call this number 1-866-681-9602 (Parts Connexion) and see if you can speak to Chris Johnson.      If so: he should be able to answer any questions.      I believe the SFS-40 needs an internal connection change, between the output transformers and 5 Ways, for best 14.5 Ohm operation.
Hi, can you tell me if it is possible to adjust the speaker connection to 14,5Ohm for LS3/5a?
Thanks for the responses. I am going to install the stock tube complement (what I think I have of it) to start with. I will call Kevin for advice. Again, thanks for the respnses. Happy listening.
I've found the stock EL34/6922 complement makes the amp sound much nicer and sweeter than 6550's, which provide more power but don't sound as balanced and sweet.
Hi Creeper, call Kevin Deal at (909) 931-6968. He is the tube expert. He also knows all about SF amps. He sells them.