Help!! Trying to get Kef LS50 wireless to play nice with Sony Hap-Z1es....

I have a Sony Hap-Z1es which I love, the unit sounds great, easy to use and works without any hiccups.

My issue is getting it to work in tandem with the the Kef LS50W software. I use my iPad to control both units, but the Kef software limits the amount of songs I can load onto my iPad. I can’t perform a search because it will only load all the songs beginning with A....once I scroll down to the last A it will load songs beginning with B. How can I get it to load all my music at once and use the search function? I have been putting up with this for along time, because I love sound so much! Please Help?
why don't you just play your music through the HAP app?  it works very well for me, i control it with a samsung android tablet.  
I had issues using the Sony app with the Kef app. The kef really makes it hard to use 3rd party apps. It seems to work better using the kef app.
Would you please post follow-ups as you try to resolve this problem? The combination of the KEF and the Sony is one that I'm thinking about, and this issue is a significant deterrent. Thanks.
Why are you trying to use both apps at once?  I wouldn’t even think thats possible.  The kef app is horrible.  Just run rca’s out of the sony into the kefs and leave the kefs on the aux input...
I have the Sony Hap in my primary set up in the living room and the Kefs in my bedroom. I’m not able to run rca’s.