Help Trying to choose new speakers $1500.00 used?

Using custom made tube amp and pre amp. Have narrowed my search to Quad 22L's or Audio Zen Adagio's. Advice? Sonic differences?
I like the quads very much, just bought the 22L2s. Have not heard the Adagios tho.
Respecting the two choices you determined. I would suggest another to consider. Their is a pair of kef r500 up right now for $1550.00 . I have heard them and own r900s. You can google reveiws. Also I have listened to the acuostic zens along with many I did not care for them at all and the dealer dropped them for the same reason. I believe thats why so.many of them were up for sale used. The r500 are a very good speaker and BTW the ones for sale are new. Best
You might want to check out the new Lore Pendragons at $1500/pr. They are getting *fabulous* reviews. And you'd have the comfort of a 5-year warranty that comes with them...

The Pendragons start at $2500. The Lores start at $650 and go up to $1400.
Has anyone else heard the Acoustic Zen's? There are so many good reveiws out there surprised to hear the bad feedback on them from Oldcar63.