Help to select speaker cable for Focus Audio FS688

I need to get a pair of speaker cable for the Focus Audio FS688. A friend of mine using Kimber 8TC and I may try it out. Any suggestion?.......Thanks You.

- SimAudio IE-5 LE (very good after break-in)
- MSB DAC III w/half nelson parts
- MSB P1000 power supply
- Sony DVD player

Pulsar cryoed interconnect (very good after break-in)

Power cord:
- Cryoed power cords from Cryoclear(a small company in Toronto, Canada)- very good and best value to me
- Custom cord between DAC and P100.

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PS Audio is closing out their Statement bi-wire speaker cables at insanely low prices. If you can still find a pair they're a phenomenal value without spending a hunk o'cash.
I run & jump 688's with Stellavox PW-1's. Fun speakers, eh?