Help to repair CAT JL1 monoamp?

Hi , i desparately seek help for repairment of my CAT JL1 sig. mono. I blew a 6550 tube and the 6 pack resistors underneeth burned off, where can i get them again? The factori does not answer and i do not know where else to go. Can you help please me for information.
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I noticed that Audiogo member and dealer JTinn has a pair of these for sale so perhaps he can be of help to you. He is a heck of a nice guy to talk to.
This makes no sense. The factory has always been responsive. Have you left a message?
never had an experiendce with factory but you can look-up to the functioning monoblock and figure out resistance from either color code or measurement with resistor taken off the circuit.
than you can order neccessary values from that have very fast service.

how old is your unit?

some wierd blow you've got with further circuit damage.
that tells me that there is something more is at fault to be further checked throughout supply path and even signal path as well.
Perhaps the factory is just closed for the holiday weekend?
How long ago did you try to reach CAT? I would suggest sending a fax if you can. If they don't respond then drop me a line and I'll ask a friend who's a CAT dealer to see if he can help you out.
Ken Stevens may be a little odd but he is very much on top of things, I would give him a little more time to get a hold of you- after all it is a holiday weekend. Or I agree with the idea of getting in touch with a dealer.

Jtinn is a dealer and took the amps he has for sale in on trade and would not be able to help you much if at all.