Help to pick redbook player

I want a player mainly for redbook CD listening, but SACD, DVD, DVD-A or changer would be a bonus. I narrowed my choices to these players. I might would have to get two players. I have no opportunity to audition most of them so I am asking your opinions which one has best redbook CD playback, perhaps in decending order:

1.Arcam CD72 - $500 used

2.ROTEL RCC-1055 CD changer $500 used

3.Yamaha DVD-S2300 SACD/DVD-A/DVD $800 new

4.Philips 963 SACD/DVD/CD 192upsampling $360 new;jsessionid=4NNPNVRQN2DXUCRQNAVRX2QKGBUTSHAW?divId=0&groupId=VIDEO_GR&catId=DVD_CA&subCatId=DVD_PLAYERS_SU&productId=DVD963SA

5.Sony 222ES changer SACD/CD $300 used

6. Rega Planet 2000 $550 used

Are they all pretty close in terms of redbook playback quality or some stand off much more? Thank you!
Another one to consider, which I really enjoy is the Linn Mimik II. Those can be had for 500-600 dollars.
Don't forget about AH! used that will fit your budget and will probably do the best of above listed.
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

The Arcam is definitely one to look into, which you already have on your list.

As Marakanetz mentioned, the AH! Tjoeb 4000 is very good, I have also heard good things about the Heart CD6000.

Also check out the Jolida JD-100, great product for the money:

Probably out of your budget, but I would also suggest that you add the Xindak SCD-2 to your list (MSRP=$1695).

Some info on the SCD-2 can be found here:

Let me know if you have questions or need additional info on the SCD-2.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Have you heard the Shanling CD-S100 ? It's in your price range at new retail, and is a very good deal indeed.
of your choices I would take for cd playback only the arcam or the rega. If you are going to bring sacd into it then the yamaha.
I would recommend the Marantz SA-8260, good with redbook and good with SACD. Around $900 new, used for less, but they're hard to find used. The Arcam is supposed to be good. I had a Planet 2000 and it was a bit laid back for my taste. I also have a modded Sony 222ES changer and it's good too, though I prefer the Marantz. Perhaps you can give us a sense of what kind of sound you like. Warm, analytical, detailed...?
You may wish to consider the NAD 514 single drawer or the NAD 515 5 disc changer. They are only available used. I owned a 514 and was VERY pleased with it. The only drawback I found was the limited resolution in an absolute sense (probably not an issue when compared to others in the same price range), I loved everything else about it.
Love my Ah! with upsampler and Amperex NOS tubes. Should cost about $750 used.
Thank you guys, all your messages are very usefull to me. This is great board.

Yea, I've heard lotsa good thinks of Ah! and Jolida. I have not heard NAD, Shanling CD-S100 as most of these players. Though Shanling tube player with upsampling looks fun.

Fs_audio: Xindak looks also impressive, but too expensive for me.
Budrew: I guess I like detailed but rich sound if I could say so.

I thought Philps 963 DVD/SACD/CD player looks promising. It cobines versatility of multiformat player and features of hi-fi CD player:
- 192kHz Upsampling
- Multi-Layer DAC Board
- Ultra Low Jitter Master Audio Clock
- Fully Separate Analog and Digital Processors
- Separate Audio and Video Circuitry
- Twelve discrete Class-A buffer/amplifier modules
- Dual Laser Pickup
but it appears it's not regarded as better redbook player. I have no way of testing it but buying it.

Of all these players I only have heard multiple times Arcam Alpha 8 (not exactly CD72 model but I guess close) - my friend has it. And I thought I like it, and that's what I probably gonna get, though of course it's not just player - it's a combination of player + amp + speakers. So he's got Arcam Alpha 8 player + Arcam 50w amp + Kistrel speakers.

I've got Paradigm Studio 60 + HarnmanKardon AVR525 + 9-y old Sony (use as transport w/optical out) CD hi-fi system. My friend's system definetly sounds better. I don't know what I need to upgrade? I thought first I have to get CD player and hopefully SACD/DVDA palyer. I might would need to get separate amp - I am thinking of Rotel 1075 and using HK as prepro. May be Paradigms to be replaced by B&W CDM7NT...
I was going to mention the Philips 963, I have heard very good things about this unit from a reliable source.
my advice; cd player will not solve your problem. get rid of the avr525. buy a decent integrated amp. i am using unison research unico. less expensive are rotel and arcam integrateds. you can match them with same line cd player (or the arcam dvd player), voila!
I bought Arcam Appha 9 player. Now I am thinking avr525 could serve as good prepro and then I would get 2-channel power amp for the main speakers. Do you think this is a good route?
if you want a HT system you may keep the avr525, i choose not to comment on HT. if you want a (good) budget 2 channel system, again, get rid of the avr525. i donot believe in budget pre-power combos, because you will end up having;
1- problems of matching
2- longer signal path
3- need for an extra pair of interconnects
my advice, again;
1- good cd player
2- one pair of good interconnects
3- good integrated amplifier (2 channel of course)
you may go for an arcam integrated now. to get the best out of your system you will need good cables too. check used pure silver sound and homegrown audio interconnects and dh labs speaker cables for budget cabling. by the way, i ordered a refurbished philips dvd963sa ($300). will post my experience on that soon.
Karabiy.., Unico might not be enough for Paradigm at least I didn't feel it was conservatively rated. I'd prefere going with NAD C370 integrated and you're right,... prior upgrading CD-player.