Help to pick a preamp for technic sl1210 with Ortofon nigh club s cartridge

Hi ! I’m new to tt and needle , please help me pick out a preamp for my Technics sl1210 with Ortofon night club s cartridge, currently I connect them to Nad pp2e phono stage then to primaluna dialogue preamp then to my 20 watts class a amp then to a pairs of Nola bookshelf speakers , The sound is ok but not that impress me , I want to improve the sound a little more , I been looking at the lehmann black cube se II any thought on it ? My budget is less than for 1k either used or new any recommend? Thank you all 
Hi atl4love,
I recommend choosing a different cartridge first. The nightclub S is a DJ stylus for “Scratch & Mix” according to Ortofon, not HiFi. For $1k you’ll have some really nice choices, even for both preamp and cartridge. Good luck and have fun!
So please give me some recommend for cartridges as well ! Thank 
I suggest a Hana SL and a Parks Puffin. A little over your budget but should sound great.