Help to pick a preamp for technic sl1210 with Ortofon nigh club s cartridge

Hi ! I’m new to tt and needle , please help me pick out a preamp for my Technics sl1210 with Ortofon night club s cartridge, currently I connect them to Nad pp2e phono stage then to primaluna dialogue preamp then to my 20 watts class a amp then to a pairs of Nola bookshelf speakers , The sound is ok but not that impress me , I want to improve the sound a little more , I been looking at the lehmann black cube se II any thought on it ? My budget is less than for 1k either used or new any recommend? Thank you all 
Hi atl4love,
I recommend choosing a different cartridge first. The nightclub S is a DJ stylus for “Scratch & Mix” according to Ortofon, not HiFi. For $1k you’ll have some really nice choices, even for both preamp and cartridge. Good luck and have fun!
I suggest a Hana SL and a Parks Puffin. A little over your budget but should sound great.
Do you have a local dealer who can help you setup the cartridge properly??? That is more important than nits between competent carts. The Parks is good sounding, so is the Hana, Ortofon makes some great carts also :-)
have fun
@atl4love I'm not familiar with that turntable, so I'm not comfortable recommending it.  It might be a great deal, I just don't know. 

My experience with buying tables with used cartridges has been a bit hit and miss.  I think you're better off buying a new cartridge. 

You already have a nice turntable.  I picked up a SL1200 recently and have been surprised at how good it is.  I haven't tried my Hana SL on it, so can't comment on how good the combination will sound, but I would be surprised if it didn't sound great.  I'm currently using an old Shure V15 Type IV with a Jico SAS stylus on mine and it sounds really nice. 

I've heard good things about the Black Cube, but haven't heard one.  The Parks Puffin is a nice phono pre and about half the price of the Black Cube.  All of my other phono preamps are more expensive than the Puffin - I have a Manley Chinook, a Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena, and a couple of Jolida JD9s and the Puffin can hold its own against them all.
@big_greg thank for your advice and tips , I still have a lot of stuff to learn in tt and needles but so far I liked them a lot , have a wonderful day my friend !
@tomic601 i don’t know any dealer here local , I’m new to tt and still have a lot to learn , thank for your info ! Have a great day my friend !