Help to chose equipment rack

Does anybody has any experience with Vantagepoint Contour or Alantis Reference racks? I like both of them because they both look beautiful and the price is in my buget. So, please give me some inputs
Thanks a lot
Billy Baggs is great. I have their amp stand and love it. Also, a fantastic sounding (or, should I say, lack of sound)stands are the Studiotech. Very rigid, very, very clean. My all tube system improved dramatically in all areas when I put these two in my system about two months ago. The dynamc shadings, tonal character, soundstaging, and important pacing of the music improved far more than I would have thought about $600 investment would get me.

I got mine through Audio Advisor.
The Contour Racks are great and can be filled w/ lead shot or sand (I use shot which is much easier to fill). I have had great success with my Contour rack using Sumposium isolation bases. Plus the Contour stuff looks great. I would also highly recommend the StudioTech speaker stands. I am currently using their "hifi series" which are identical to the Target R series stands. The StudioTech's retail for $300 and the Target's retail around $650. Good Luck...
There has been a lot of discussion here about shelf material and isolation/absorption. Take a look at the isolation/absorption thread and the shelf material threads. They are very interesting and may be of help to you in your search for a rack. Cheers, Dan