Help to chose acoustic

need advice. I've been looking for a speaker system for almost half a year now. listened to quite a few models. three-way systems are a priority, since I believe that three-way systems have less distortion. Harbeth liked the realism of vocals, but pushed the look out. the Wharfedale Linton 85th liked the design, but not the sound. Klipsch Heresy was disappointed by the lack of bass, although it looks attractive. Modern fashion columns are not very interesting, I like the shape like a vintage acoustics, but I'm afraid to take the vintage itself due to possible breakdowns. I'm looking for a speaker system at a price of three and a half thousand dollars. now in confusion, because what you like externally doesn't like by sound, what you like by sound, you don't like externally.
What Harbeth did you listen to? The only 3 way Harbeth is the model 40 and that is over 16 grand. Where did you get the information that a 3 way speaker has less distortion? This Vandersteen might fit the bill!
I listened to Harbeth hl5plus. monitor 40 is too expensive for me. I read in some resource with a bias on physics that when the spectrum is divided into bands, it is easier for the speakers to recoup their pieces of the frequency spectrum, so less distortion is introduced.
Yes I forgot that the HL5 is a 3 way. But that one is over 7 grand. Don’t believe every thing you read. I always preferred a 2 way speaker. What size room and what amplification are you using? What kind of music is your preference?
Yamaha 2000 is amplifier, room 18 square meters. I listen to a lot of instrumental compositions, vocals, a little electronic music
Why would you think three way speakers have less distortion? The lowest distortion speaker made is a one way. Sound Labs.
Get the Heresy's and add subwoofers down the line. Heresy's work fabulously well with subs. 110 dB no sweat!
Get yourself a pair of JBL L100 with the orange or blue grills... sweet!  The Klipsch Heresy and a sub (or 3 or 4) is a good recommendation also.  
2nd hand will open up your options and give you all the time you need to audition.
capitanblood , 

 It seems like you already found the speaker your ears prefer with The Harbeth HL5plus and it fits well with your musical preference. You could always buy a used pair to get closer to your budget, or wait until you can afford new.
Harbeth also offers different finishes, which might help with appearance. I feel the Hartbeth speakers are beautiful looking. You could also have the grille covers removed from them , which might be more appealing to you visually. The sound of the speaker should be the most important thing to you.

you're right, it seems my ears really chose these English unsightly boxes. I would not want to enroll in the Harbetoman sect, but the vocals in their performance are the most lively. the only thing I don’t understand is why Alan Shaw doesn’t want to improve their appearance, because their ugliness is visible not only to me. thanks.
You think Harbeths are ugly? The fit and finish on all Harbeths are outstanding. What speaker do you like the looks of? If you only have a $3500 budget why are you looking at a $7500 speaker??
+1 on the ATC, any of their floor standing passive speakers, they are $$$ but they sound rich and full.
As far as I know, Atc is very finicky in gain. I have to buy a welding machine to swing them 😏
Where are you allowed to put the speaker,
against the wall, 1/3 out from the back wall, or a few feet out?

can you go floor standing or do you have to go bookshelf and stand,

do you have a color preference? It looks like you like the wood finish. 
Do you have decent speaker cables already or do you need to add that to your budget?

The issue is: it is like asking what car should I buy because I use Michelin tires and Shell gasoline. I believe most speakers can out play the source as long as you have a nice system, I have a pair of cheep $100 speakers in my basement that I hooked up to my main system and they sang like canaries. This comes down to your own listening. Oms can be put next to the wall, Magnepans LCR are really good but need to be about 6’ off the back wall and need power, I would go Bucharest S300 for detail and the S400 for volume and bass. Add a nice Rel or SVS subwoofer and you will be beside yourself. Add a second identical sub later down the road or now. You can buy two SVS 2000 pro subs for $1700 in piano black. 
In the quest for vocal and instrumental with high quality reproduction, and sound stage have you considered the Magnapan LRS or 0.7's with their bass panels?
Based on your room size it should accomadate the speakers as they like to be positioned at least one meter from the wall while in use. 
If your Yamaha receiver has decent current at a 4 ohm load it will make the Maggie's sing!
KLH has released a new version of the Model 5. They are $2k a pair and still have the vintage look. Beautiful real wood veneer cabinets too! Go buy a pair and write us a review!
O.P.; if low distortion is what you’re after forget dynamic speakers in wooden boxes. Get either electrostatic or magnepan ribbon speakers. The detail, resolution, and transparency of the new Magnepan LRS speaker ($700/pair) blows away conventional dynamic speakers.No box. No contest. But if you’re into loud rock music, you won’t like this type of speaker. They reveal the inherent distortion of that kind of music.
Thank you for your advice. I am exploring the klh 5 model, but I think it will not be on sale soon. there was a question on the arrangement and color. the arrangement will be as needed for acoustics. picking up color is also not a problem for me. I’m waiting for the start of sales of Klh5, but for now the main applicant is Harbeth 30 or hl5plus.