Help Thor preamp IEC replacement required,

I ran into a bit of a thing the other day while reconfiguring my array. I had left a window open in the equipment room and briefly set the TA 1000 MK II power supply onto the floor nearby the window.

My window fan was on & windows open. A strong breeze blew the fan into the room and a corner of it fell onto the power cable going into the IEC inlet of the power sup breaking the exterior plastic housing of the IEC connector, thus loosening the fit and making using it a very precarious thing.

I’ve not seen an IEC inlet quite like this one as two small screws affix it flush, to the surface of round power sup housing.

Any ideas on opening the little round box and where or who makes such a 15A IEC male connector/inlet would be immensely appreciated.

Additionally, if some upscale replacement could be substituted I’d certainly go that way. The look of the inlet is just like any other 15A IEC, save for the two tiny screws to either side of the lip of it that fasten into the housing.

Thanks, your help is always well received.
Why not just contact ( new thor owner ) Ted @ and just have him either send you a replacment or send it in and have it repaired???
Thanks Thorman

Emailed Ted. Touched base on a couple things. I'm going to send him my power sup and let him do the repairs.

Sure is nice he's up and going. I had expected a more prominent announcement... This will do however, and boy am I glad support is back for Thor products.

it is far too good a product line to have left gone the way it did. Kudo's Ted at High End Audio.

Congrats on your upgrade too.
Glad I could help..
I did the upgrade that Thor is offering on my Ta 1000......Outstanding

Congratulations. If you ever think about revisiting your review and being more descriptive in terms of the varied improvements, I'd sure be interested in reading over them. Exclaming your own satisfaction is fine, but it's like saying a Corvette or Jaguar is fast. WEll...OK... but how much of the road did you feel? How quickly did it shift? Body roll in hard corners? How was the braking? Ride well or stiff? Attributes such as those appeal to any still on the fence or for those that $2000.00 isn't very easy to come by would be very nice to hear about.

On topic though, I got my PS back from Ted as quickly as I shipped it. Plugged it in yesterday and let it play into the early evening hours. Returning from church I listened some and found no issues whatsoever so I am pretty pleased with the repair. The communication was stupendous and I found Ted a very forthcoming and knowledgeable individual. I can't say enough about the experience other than more people in the sales and support area should follow such a customer friendly position as does Ted.