Help. Thor owner messes up

So I was enjoying my evening auditioning cords and swapping them out here there and every where. I was careful to turn things off before plugging in the cords. I guess I forgot to turn off the Thor preamp's power supply before plugging. The power supply went dead.

I'm trying not to panic given the lack of Thor support. Does it sound like it could be fatal? Input please. Moral support can't hurt. Thanks in advance.
There is some doubt as to whether they are still in business. Open the power supply up and check for a blown fuse. Many designs have internal fuses(not certain about yours). Be careful not to touch anything inside the chassis BUT the fuse(if you find one), and that with a plastic fuse puller. There could be some residual high voltages.
Check for a fuse first.
Check with High End Audio- Jerry. Do a search for "Thor, who will service" something with those words and you will find a phone #.
Good luck!
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As a Thor owner, the phono preamp, I was very sorry when Paul Marks pulled the plug, but have read in the archives of some who will and do work on Thor products, so check out THOR and see what comes up, there are some who can help if it is more than a fuse as the consensus seems to be
Unless you know what you are doing do not open up the power supply. It’s very difficult to get inside since there are circuit boards on the top and bottom with the guts of the power supply in the middle. I own two Thor units, a TA1000 pre and TA3000 phono, on my phono stage the nut securing the power cord on the power supply came lose during shipping. I opened up the power supply but could not figure out how to open it up to get at the cord, I called Paul Marks and he stepped me through it. There are a number of screws on the board but only 3 of them release the boards and allow you access inside, the others are securing components to the board, so unless you know exactly which ones to remove I would be very careful. I would check all of the external fuses first, both on the preamp and the power supply first and would also make sure there is a fuse inside the power supply before you try to open it up. Good Luck
I absolutely don't know what I'm doing. I opened it up, looked for fuses, found none that could be removed, and closed it up again. I found a qualified technician with 34 years of experience to repair it. Hopefully FedEx won't through the package around.

Thanks to you all for your input.