HELP The BEST laptop/iPod System on a BUDGET

Okay, first things first. I now own a house, HOORAY. Those not living in cities like NYC, DC, Boston, San Fran, etc might not know how big a deal that is for a single person. With that being said, the Audio habit had to go. I sold ALL of my equipment.

Bel Canto, Rega, Rotel, Totem. ALL GONE! What did I keep? A Macbook Pro, Apple TV, iPod, Airport Express and I just found a brand new Cambridge Soundworks powered sub that used to be part of a Multimedia System. I also have a pair of those Insignia Bookshelf speakers that everyone was talking about.

I would like to have music in my bed room and music in my Den. I've considered buying 2 pairs of the Audioengine A5. Use one with the Airport Express in my bed room and the other with the Apple TV in the Den. I also thought about getting one of those Klipsch iFi's since they have them back for a limited time for decent price.

Anyone else have an ideas? remember on a BUDGET. NOT an audiophile's budget but the regular guy's budget. Oh, right now I have the Insignias being powered by the Cambridge Soundworks sub and the Apple TV as the source with a RCA to mini stereoplug
Congrat's on your new crib! I have a pair of Audioengine 5's that I use in an office. They are very well built, high quality with decent sound, and priced right. I use them with an Ipod listening to CD's ripped in Apple lossless format. It sounds very good, especially the bass response. I think the A5's would do fine in a small bedroom. You could use a second pair for your den with your Apple TV. Also, Quad makes some small active speakers, as well as Dynaudio, but they are priced much higher. Maybe available used?

I would not use the Airport Express and the DAC in that thing is not very good, which equates to poor sound quality. I went that route and the Ipod sounds much better.

An even better solution is to eventually get your Ipod modded (Red Wine Audio or Bolder Mods). Then, get a dock or cable from Audio line Out that works with the RWA Imod and plug that into to the A5's. Then you'll be in bliss.
Thanks guy, the house is a whole new experience. Anyway, I ordered one pair of the Audioengine A5s. I could not find one negative thing on those speakers. Every review was gushing over them. I will see how they sound with the iPod and Apple TV. If they sound as good as everyone says I will probably get another pair for the bedroom.

Also, I know the Airport Express is not the best but you can't beat the convenience.
I hope you like them....let us know.
The Klipsch iFi is a great little setup, on rock in particular. That said, I used to love the way it did on Coltrane and Miles. Can't speak to the others but for the $200 I spent on mine I can't imagine doing better. Happy listening.
WOW..... that is all I can say. The Audioengine A5 speakers came today and I was blown away before I even got to the end of the first track I played. I can not believe these are only $349.00. This is coming from a guy whose previous speakers were Totem Acoustic. I will definitely be picking up another pair. I am so psyched that I can give up my expensive habit and still have incredible sound in my home.