help-synerg. research tesla IC feedback

demo'ing a bunch of interconnects, au 24, au24e, cardas gr, and sr tesla accelerator----no problem with any but when i kick in the active shield on the accelerators i get a lot of feedback into my sf cremonas via mac am and pre-pro-----any thoughts?
sorry- should have mentioned the IC goes from vpi scout turntable to mac mx135----thanks-
Hi, I had the same happen to me when I used a SR Kalidescope i/c with active shielding, when I used it between my tt and phono stage. It went away when the active shielding was unplugged. I tried different things, such as turning the plug 180 in the receptacle, to no avail. Just used it without the active after that. The signal from the cartridge is so miniscule, it is not conducive to using the active shielding, IMHO. I have since moved my table, and had to go with 3 meter i/c's, and got the Tesla Vortex Analog, and it comes without active shielding. It has a ground on it, but I didn't use it, as this run was between phono stage and pre-amp, so running the ground would be risking causing a ground loop. I use a .5 meter pair of DH Labs Air Matrix Silver a/c from tt to phono pre, and have no hum problems. Whatever you use between tt and phono stage has to be well-shielded, and the active shielding on SR products is not a good fit in this application, I don't believe.

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Get either of the SR Phono cables, they are non-active shielding and dead quiet.

30 volt DC Active Shielding is too powerful in relationship to the signal generated by a phono cartridge. I engineered two phono cables that are passive but blend perfectly with Active Tesla cables down stream. Of these two the Tricon Analog is easily one of the best cables in the Tesla Series. If you want to try an active cable on your analog rig (don't laugh) try a T2 power cord to your TT's moter. This is an amazing experiment- you should be floored- I was when I first tried it and no, I don't have an explanitaion.

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Ted Denney Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.
jumpin jehosephat ted!!!!!!just happen to be demo'ing the t2 on my mac prepro w/ the t3 on my mac amp and the tricon on my tt and prec. ref sp cables-----per your thought above, switched out the t2 from the prepro over to the vpi scout with dyna 20x and went back to stock mac cable on the prepro---dexter gordon literally jumped off my tt into the room ---doubles the attack, increased soundfield and presence, popped the midrange---really amazing
Yea it's a trip. Now wait until you have both the T2 on your pre-pro (the Hologram D works on pre-pros as well, straight pre amps, not so much) and a T2 on your TT motor.

Have fun : 0)

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Ted Denney Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.