HELP: Subwoofer for music

I would like to get a subwoofer for music purposes. I don't really need earth rumbling low notes(I go to the movies for movies), but it would be nice to hear a low bass tone when one comes along. I bought the plans for the Decware WO32, horn loaded software, but there are so many variables that I am not sure I could build one correctly without building several until I got it right and I don't have the time and money, plus I think I will be hiring a skilled carpenter to build the thing for me(it will still be cheaper than buying it built from Decware). I found another set of subwoofer plans from BESL,, and it looks promising(not as complex to build as the Decware WO32). The thing about the WO32 is that it is hard to find a subwoofer amp plate that will fit in the alloted space of the WO32 without taking it apart and I am no electrician, so who knows what can happen with that. I could just put binding post on the cabinet and use a solid state 100w amp that I am no longer using, but now I need a crossover....and....well....what a mess! The vandersteen(sp) looks like what I would like; 3 x 8in speakers, which would make it fast, but the price is out of this world for me, not to mention that you have to tune it for your system and what if I change my system?

Any suggestion would be great.
I've done alot of reading this weekend about subwoofers and I am going to have to check out a Vandersteen this weekend. See what you have done? The Vandersteen is starting to make alot of sense.
Scratch my vote for the Seas Excel W26. Go to Linkwitz's web page. Check out the Thor sub..Peerless XLS12. That's the one.
I contacted a Vandersteen dealer to try out one of their subs at home and guess what; there is a waiting list to try their subs because EVERYONE seems to want to check it out, so I am on the list and somewhere in the next two weeks I can try one at home. I will let you know what happens. I just want to tell you one thing I learned from my rock guitar days....just because the cabinet has Celestion speaker, it doesn't mean it will sound like a Marshall!!
OK that's cool. Just post your review. In the meantime, do check out Linkwitz's Peerlesss XLS12 design, called Thor. Very simple cabinet, and as you know he's very knowledgable in speaker stuff. He claims this XLS delivers very accurate musical bass. just type in Linkwitz Lab. But definetly post the review.
I have a similar dilemna, although I'm not a DYI guy. I presently use a single Paradigm Servo-15. It supplements my mains, which are B&W Nautilus 802's, which are pretty fast. The Servo-15 does pretty well, but I like very tight sound and I'm 90% music. I have heard great reviews of the Vandersteen and the RELs. The other unit recommended to me was the NHT Sub Two, with two 10' woofers. It only goes down to 21hz, but is supposedly very fast. I am considering getting 2. I'm not sure if I would supplement or crossover the Nautilus 802s. Any thoughts on this?