Help Sub $2k Speakers for Plinius Integrated??

Hi everyone! Audiogon is a great place to do research... You can learn so much reading from other's questions... I'm recently on an upgrade warpath from my low-fi system of a yamaha receiver, cd player and klipsch bookshelves I purchased over 15 years ago... Thanks to all of your posts I have purchased a Rega Planet 2000 CD player and a Plinius 8200mk1 Integrated amp, both within the past year...

I was hoping you could supply your opinions on speaker selections that are compatible to my current equipment... I'm looking to spend under $2k on towers new or used. (Is buying used speakers a problematic?) So far I've read some great things about Soliloquy's 6.2. Unfortuantely I'm not in an area where there are dealers to audition... My music tastes are basically blues (Muddy, King) rock (Stones, the Verve), jazz (Miles, Krall, Ellington, Coltrane, Burell, Frisell), pop (Sting, U2) and some electronica when people and drinks are around... One thing I do know is that I don't like B&W's.. They don't sound like they cover the full spectrum of sound...

Please help!!!!!!!!
Wow, speakers more than any other component really sound different. It's going to be hard to pick one you like without hearing it. Maybe you can go to a high end shop, although if you're going to buy used, just listen in on some other people's listening sessions (Not cool to waste the dealer's time for your listening session and then buy used).

I bought my speakers used and have been fully satisfied. If you buy used, you can get much nicer speakers than you could afford to buy new. I actually also have a Plinius 8200 (although mkII), and it sounds great through my Joseph Audio RM22si mkI signatures ($2500 new, I bought them $1400 used here). I probably wouldn't recommend these speakers for you if you are seeking a real full range sound, however. I picked these for their clarity and presence, over Vandersteins that I heard that in comparison did sound fuller, but more muddied to my ears.

One piece of advice I can give you is that everybody likes different sound, and everyone describes sound at least a little differently. Especially with speakers, trust your ears over others' recommendations. The guy sitting next to me in the audition room loved the Vanderstein's over the Joseph's, exactly the opposite of my impression. It's a great idea, though, to get suggestions of a few speakers to go have a listen to.

Good Luck.
Dyn 1.3SEs. Supposedly an excellent match with Plinius integrated btw.