Help studio or f50 or sf cremona

I have the following:

Bryston 7B-ST's
Rogue 99
Meridian 508-24

I need speakers and was wondering....

Is the Revel Studio worth the extra $ over the new F50? The wife finds the Studio very unattractive. I've never been able to hear the two speakers at the same audition, and the Studios are always hooked up to much pricier equipment than mine.

I also like the Amati Homage but can't afford it, and I think it outclasses my equipment. I've only seen the Cremona on this site, and I was wondering if anyone has heard it. Is it a good piece of the way toward the Amati?

Whatever I buy, it will have to handle acoustic guitar and big classical and bass-heavy electronica and lots of other genres with equal aplomb.

I welcome other recommendations. My price limit is below 10K and I am fairly comfortable with used stuff (if perfect).

Thanks much!
I never use Creamora on my gear unless the sound is very black. If that's the case I find a little sweetener helps too. :^)
I was able to audition the F50's about 3 weeks ago and I was FLOORED by them! #1 They are a slim speaker and do not dominate a room (they were next to the Salons...The F50's are the "mini-me's" to the Salons). What impressed me mostly is that nothing out-performed itself meaning the bass wasn't over-bearing, the treble was the just the right tone and the mids .

I thought that maybe the F50's mated with a B-15 would be an AWESOME combo AND you can please the wife!