HELP! Streaming to my old school audiophile system

HELP! I have a complete old school Nakamichi setup I've collected over the years (Stasis PA-7AII amp; CA-7A Pre-amp; ST-7 tuner; RX-505 tape deck; Dragon tape deck; MB-1 CD player; JVC turntable; all playing through my four JBL 4311B's). I want to be able to wireously stream music through this system but don't know where to start nor how to hook such a device to my pre-amp. Do I need a network streamer? A DAC? Another pre-amp? All of the above to do this right? I've looked at the Cambridge Azur 851N, but are there alternative devices. I also hear over and over again that AirPlay is the best media to stream with. Help! I'm lost and need educated and pointed in the right direction with a device or system that won't cheapen the sound my old school set up currently produces.  
To get started, use a laptop with Tidal Hi-Fi (of preferred) subscription with the USB feeding a digital to analog converter -something like a Schiit Modi Multibit DAC. Then send the DAC RCA output into a spare Aux input on your Nak preamp.
Thank you for your reply. Educate me: What does this Bluesound do that the Cambridge unit I was looking at doesn't? Or was the Cambridge unit overkill. Please explain.  
The Node 2i has a much better GUI/App, (BluOS), does MQA and is half the price of the Cambridge.  The Cambridge is a fine unit, but the Node 2i is just as good, IMHO.
I'm not familiar with the Cambridge unit, so can't comment on how it compares in terms of sound quality to the Node 2i, but it includes a pre-amp, which you already have.  You're paying for that functionality when you buy the Cambridge unit.  The Node 2i is a simple device that does one thing only and has surprisingly good sound quality for the price of entry. 

One of the most important things about streaming is the interface to the player.  In most cases, it's an app.  The BlueOS app is really good and provides access to files on your network as well as most of the streaming services, TunedIn (internet radio stations from all over the world) and Radio Paradise (a high quality internet radio channel).