Help Static Noise From Speaker

Dear Sir,

I am currently using a power protector for PC on which all of the equipment's AC cables are pluged. Just lastnight, I pluged a halogen lamp(viz., Dana Counter-Balanced Halogen Desk Lamp from Staples) on the same power protector. Interestingly, as I turn on/off the lamp, I get unpleasant static noise from my tweeters.
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My questions are:

1) Is it possible for a halogen lamp to cause static noise?

2) If yes for question 1)., which equipment is it actually reacting with the lamp(cdp, int.amp., or speakers)?

3) Lastly, is the noise harmful to speakers?

Any response is welcome.

1) Yes, absolutely.

2) You've got static noise, so it doesn't matter which component(s) are reacting with the lamp. You need to simply NOT use the lamp when listening to your music .

3) No, if it is not high in volume.
Halogen lamps, and their dimmers, are the worst source of AC noise I have ever encountered. Only cheap surge protectors are in this league, nothing else is close. Neither are allowed in our house. I would like to see an explanation of the noise they generate in electrical terms.
Dear Timo and Blueswan,

Thank you for your information above. First off, I must stop using the lamp and audio equipment at the same time. Second, I should probably invest for some decent power protector. Third, with Blueswan, I should probably get rid of halogen/dimmers altogether from my house.