Help: speakers or amp to blame?

I have B&W CDM 9NT's and a CDM CNT as my front 3 in a HT, driven by a Pioneer VSX 49tx. This receiver was considered equal of B&K307 back in 2002, and puts out 130wpcx7. My problem: I just don't get good output at low volume compared to my living room setup:B&W Marix 803s2 driven by Acurus DIA100 integrated/passive preamp(100wpcx2). Is it just that the speakers can't push as much air and I need to upgrade to used n803 or 803s? Would more juice from a more powerful amp help (if so, recommendations?)? Need your thoughts and ideas. Thanks much
hook up the 9nt's to the acurus amp, then you should have your a good idea if you need more power, power supplies in recievers are usually smaller
Thanks for reply. I did think of that, but it requires carrying the heavy 9NTs up from the basement. Supposedly this particular Pioneer had a strong power supply, at least according to several top reviewers who raved about this unit. The speakers are fine at high volume (although still not as good and full sounding as the older 803s). I guess my question is whether higher power can get more depth and low volume oomph out of a speaker like the 9NT, or is it really a function of some speakers just performing better at low volume than others. Jeff
You might as well do as the first respondent suggested and hook up your Acurus to your 9NTs. At least you will KNOW how the speakers sound with a beefier amp. If the equipment is too heavy for you, get your wife to do it - ba-da bing!

Does your Pioneer put out 130 wpc X 7 channel simultaneous driven under load or is each channel capable of putting out 130 WPC (as most mass market products are really rated with this approach vs. the much more conservative ratings you will find with higher quality components). The B&K were rated with all channels driven, not just one. I would be suspicious of the Pioneer's real capabilities vs. the rated capabilities. I would also be extremely suspect of "professional" reviews of mass market products. For the most part, these are advertising based reviews.

The previous comments are the only real step you have short of buying something new (ie. an amp) to do what you can do by just moving some existing equipment.
Sorry all Jap receivers suck at 4ohm loads for dynamics.. Try an Arcam or something else that actually has a real amp or just add a real 5 channel amplifier to the preamp outs from your receiver (ATI, Outlaw, Rotel, etc.). Your Acurus was a giant killer in its day especially with the passive preamp.
Thanks much for the replies. Beyond reviews, I did some research and had some discussions on some other good boards back then (maybe AVS?, HTForum?), and the so called experts on those sites all recommended this $4000,60lb beast. One was even selling his B&K307 for this unit. Truthfully, I think I'm going to just buy the 803s, see how they work because I want them anyway, and move to a more powerful 5/7 channel amp if I need to (Rotel, older Acurus/Aragon, Adcom, Mac, Sunfire, Anthem, etc)
Thanks again.