Help Soon - Martin Logan surrounds

Help I'm signing a H.T. contract this week.
I have Martin Logan SL3's L/R.
Just bought a M/L Theater Center speaker. OMG it's great.

Multipurpose room with projector (soon).
Room is 24'W x 33'L x 8'H. and I need to designate surround speaker that will complement the Martin Logans. Running on B&K Ref 30 with B&K 7250 Amp.

Need speakers that are accurate with fast response. (That's what Scottie from M/L just told me to ask for. He even gave me this site. What a guy)

Budget $500 to $600. Can I do it........ Help. Thanks
No. The only thing that works well with M/L's is M/L's. Try to find used Scripts or Scenarios and do it right the first time. Martin Logan owner(6 pairs over 15 years.)
I would but spouse says no.
I'm lucky to update to a M/L center Theater
that can be in front of the screen. Just signed
with a contractor and he asked if the Theater could be
placed behind cloth front. I said no. Was I right ?
I specified B&W NT surrounds for the walls.
Hi Larry. If you could adjust the treble on the center than you could compensate for the cloth in front, otherwise no. B&W NT surrounds are excellant(I sold them for a few years) but disperse different and are softer in the treble than M/L's. If you can adjust the treble up in the rears great; experiment with that. I would also try to have the rears reflect off a side or rear wall instead of firing directly at you. The dynamic drivers come out at you more and will draw too much attention to themselves. Hope I helped. Mike
Im about to try some Energy Veritas 2.2's as rear surrounds to go with my new ML Aeons. I'll let you know how they do. The 2.2's sell for 1500.00 new, but I thik you can get them used on this site for about 700.00, but you will still need the 400.00 stands to go with them.
Thanks guys.
I'm specifing speaker wire thru front/center cloth AND allowing room behind cloth to experiment with front center placement.

The B&W surrounds are pretty decent. They will be located
about 4 feet behind viewers on side walls and I can adjust angle for best listening. Room is 24'x33'lg.
I have a B&K Ref 30 that will adjust for tone but I'm not sure if each speaker has it's own adjustment. Will investigate and installer is a real professional that knows B&K. Installing a Seleco 300 projector with a Greyhawk screen.
Does anybody have a site for a ceiling projector sound cover?
I am also buying 2 Velodnye CHT-15 subs for behind cloth placement. Would have bought the Martin Logan but cannot place out in room. The CHT's are a compromise and only cost $1,500. Contractor has penciled in a NAD DVD 3800.
From the reviews and reading posts I'll be a happy camper.

Good fortune to all.

Sorry - mistake.
The DVD is a Denon 3800-2.
Just a follow up. The Energy Veritas 2.2's worked out VERY WELL in my theater set up. Some will say use ML surrounds or nothing, but they obviously have dedicated rooms or dont have wives who care about having company over. The 2.2 are very nice looking in black.
I have ML Scenarios for my surrounds, and of cousre they work well with the Odyssey/Cinema fronts. However, I disagree with the claim that ONLY MLs work well - my previous surrounds were Triad Silvers. They are dipole cone speakers that are designed for in-wall mounting. They worked a lot better than you'd expect from all the discussion, with both my previous Aerius i's and the current Odysseys. Note that this for HT.

Matching for HT is, in my opinion, overemphasized, because on HT there is frankly little to choose from between the Scenarios and the Triads.

However, I do have a little bit of surround music (several DVD-As and a handful of SACDs) and there the difference is much greater. For surround music I might well agree that only the MLs will match ML mains.
Try a pair of used Maggie's or apogee's. You can find them cheap.