Help, Sony SCD-1

My Sony SCD-1 finally failed to read the SACD side.
What is the best bet to fix or get a new laser assembly
since Sony no longer makes a lase assembly and support
their sacd players.
Is it SACD only and is it a disc read error or ??????

I have seen laser assemblies available on e-bay.
You may just need to lube and clean the sled drive assembly.

You might want to check to see if cleaning the lens will clear up the problem before doing anything more involved. There are several laser lens cleaners, one from "Clean DrX". Or you also try a can of compressed air for electronics from "CRC" Duster. Maybe you can access the laser lens. Just suggestions. No promises!
What were your symptoms before it finally failed??I also have a SCD- 1 and it players SACD without problem but with redbook CD it is starting to skip on some tracks.A tec told me the laser is on its way out.Replacing the laser would be the fix but setting the laser up without the Sony fine tune equipment would be hit or miss.
Contact Sont repair in Laredo TX. Ask for Adrian.
Right On! either the laser assembly or sled drive mech needs to be replaced.
I don't know if the sled drive assembly needs to be replaced may just need cleaning. Take the assemble out remove the motor and spray it with deoxit. Run the motor backwards and forwards with a 9 volt battery. And while you are at it clean the assembly and lube it.