Help: Solid vinyl black out drapes?

Hi, Does anyone know where to buy the Solid Vinyl black out drapes? I've been looking for it at my local stores and on the Websites without any succees. Please let me know where to buy it Thank you very much DT
hi there i dont know about the vinyl type. what i did is get black out honey comb shades. a little pricey but they work very well. i got mine at "Home Depot" check it out
My parents ordered vinyl blackout drapes for the upstairs bedrooms in their home from a JC Penny catalog in the 60's. I remember picking out the color for my room from the catalog. They are also good for insulation which is why we ordered them, my parents live in Iowa. I don't know if they still carry them, but I would also check out Sears as well.
IDEA ! Why not buy the drape of your choice, burlap would be good for sound, then line it with black plastic that can be purchased at any building supply. That way you get some acustic benifit too. Good Luck.