HELP! Solid state amp for small Klipsch

I plan to buy a cheap integrated, solid state amp for my Klipsch Synergy bookshelves (KSB 2.1), but budget constraints wouldn't allow me to get a tube amp...looking for 60 wpc ones. Any suggestion on the following brands? Adcom 535, B&K-ST120, or Rotel I prefer a little laid back sound and tube-like characteristic to tame a little bit the horn tweeters, but loud enough for home theater use. Thanks much in advance! D.J.
Try looking for a Jolida 202 or 302a or 302b used on the web, usually around $550. I don't know if that is beyond your budget or not, but I HIGHLY recommend it as an integrated TUBE amp. It is 50 wpc. Good luck, if you have any questions, feel free to email. I LOVE my Jolida and it has tamed my Klipsch KG3.5's very well. Dan
Hello, I'm still trying to find that "perfect" amp for the Alon IIs. The associated equipment is: Analog: Well Tempered Classic+ Grado Platinum or ATOC9 Digital: PS Audio Lambda + Ultralink Preamp: Classe DR6 / Counterpoint SA3000 (for a tube backup) Speakers: Acarian Alon IIs Cables are Nordost Blue Heaven and Black Orpheus. My choices so far as a Classe DR15/DR9 or a Chord SPM600. I've also thought about a Levinson 27 but it seems to run pretty hot (my apartment is small). Thanks for the input
Thanks for both Dwright and Sknnyc! For now I'll settle with a cheap, cheap B&K ST-120, solid state, 60wpc. Yeah, budget dictates.... Maybe later I will get a Classe, Bryston, and/or Jolida tube.
I would check "Musical Fidelity A220" class "A" amp, that will sound like tube, and still have a "dynamics" and "punch" of the solid state.