Help Should I make this move?

Ok, I've got a Resolution Audio Opus 21, which is nice, but I've always had my sites set on the Audio Aero Capitole MKII. Of course money is (or was) an issue so I did not purchase the AA. Now, I have a chance to blow (wife willing) some funds to get the Capitole. Is this a wise move? Or should I keep what gots? I'm looking to seasoned Gonners for thoughts, suggestions, slaps in the face, or whatever.
Wait a minute...

Your wife approved an upgrade and you are asking us????

I say BUY IT NOW BEFORE SHE CHANGES HER MIND!!! If you don't like it, resell it and keep the Opus, which is a nice player in itself. At least you'll get to A-B them and see what YOU think, which is the most important!

Just my 0.02..... though I would have had it ordered the minute she said 'yes' FWIW!

To my ear, the Opus 21 is a phenomenal player...and yet the Capitole is far more emotional and engaging. We currently have the AA Prima, and the Capitole is the next mountain we'll be climbing.
As Ben Stiller said playing Starsky, "Do It!"

Between me and Ken (above), you now have 0.04. Hope they help.
All the best,

Don't do it. Spend the money on a gift for your wife. It's a far better long-term investment.
Ohwy61, your feedback means a lot, but I think you're posting on the wrong site. Anyway, I think I can spin it so the Capitole is a gift for my wife, and it hails from France no less! As for you other two, yep, what was I thinking hesitating like that, I'm ashamed of myself. I'll repost when I get my hands on this baby.

Do you already have a analogue rig? If not put your money there before upgrading your digital source. I had a AA Cap II and sold it after buying a $2100 VPI Scout/JMW 9/Dynavector 20x combo. The AA is certainly a great CD player, but it can't compete with even a modest analogue set up. It's digital after all.

Sammie, I'm sure your wife will like the "gift" of the Capitole as much as she like her gift of the ZTR tractor last year.
I'm not sure blowing our wives away is the best solution....
Onhwy61, zero turning radius...I had to look that up.

I'm being presumptuous but it seems you maybe writing from experience.

By the way, still undecided about the Capitole.