Help shipping a speaker over seas

I'm in the process of shipping a pair of monitors overseas and getting a bit worried on all the things that potentially can go wrong once the parcel is out of my hands.

Any shipping tips or must do's that would help alleviate my concerns that I should consider
The speakers are approx 40lbs each and 12x10x9

Any relevant opinions very much appreciated
I wouldn't do it. Nothing gets damaged as often during shipping as loudspeakers.

However, if you proceed, I suggest shipping only using USPS Global Express Mail, and packing the speakers as bullet-proof as possible (preferably using the original boxes and packing material).
Yup that's the route i'm taking and I have the original boxes and packing material now i'm going to triple box them and hope for the best
Full insurance wil be added of course and lot's of pics to show the boxes were ready to withstand a large degree of punishment prior to shipping.

That's all I can do..anybody else care to share their impressions
It might be worth your effort to actually crate them up inside of a wooden crate. Anything to make them more difficult to damage. Tvad is correct that speakers are very prone to damage. And, if you can, airfreighting them, despite it being more expensive, will do even more to protect your speakers.

Good luck!
Yup the faster the shipping the better for speakers. Triple boxing? should be fine. FedEx express did a fine job with a pair of 240lb speakers I shipped over seas..they arrived without a scratch.
First of all, please kindly consider what country are you going to ship that speakers. I would assumed you are sending an expensive pair of speakers. So make sure the buyer will pay for import duty. Triple boxes? 40 lbs per box? It only helps a little unless you have protecting material between each box. Good luck
Here's a few more details as requested

I'm shipping these to Europe
I will be using styrofoam to protect the speakers for each box
The speakers MSRP is approx 4k
Use Bax Global. I shipped a pair of Wilson Duettes during the Winter to Hong Kong. They arrived without issue in 2 days and cost less than shipping via UPS ground to California (from Michigan). The shipment was one crate at over 100 pounds. This is exactly where BAX specializes and they do an excellent job, fast, reliable and reasonably priced. For what it is worth, we ship all of our (my company's) equipment for the optical disc industry to Mexico vis BAX Global and have never once had any damage or lost shipments.
Also, I would definately use wooden crates, especially since they are likely to be opened for customs inspections. Cardboard won't do (at the very minimum line the inside of the outer cardboard box with 1/4" plywood on all sides). Secondly, I would avoid using the US Post Office under virtually any circumstances. It could be months before they arrive.
I thought Bax Global was only available to businesses not private sales

Are you aware of this
I have never encountered this as a requisite. When I sold my speakers to Paul in Hong Kong, I sold them as an individual. Perhaps since they were picked up at my company, this was not an issue as they work with my company for our business shipping of specific items to certain locations.

So you may be 100% correct, but it would seem easy enough to just book the shipment through your employer/company if necessary.
All freight forwarder or shipping company can do the job. Not just BAX right? ^_^ Yes, it's easy to book but how many of you or your employer contracted with freight forwarder or shipping company? The charge may seems low to you because you or your company holding the contracted rate but is not necessary to others.
Not all cargos need to be examed by local customs inspections (they don't have the time to open all packages ^_^). It's all base on the documents/declarations that you submitted when shipped plus some other factors.

Look around, you will fine some good carriers with good shipping rate to ship your package(s).

PS. HKG--lowest net shipping rate when compare to other destinations @_@
A quick update to report
I shipped out the speakers and took some advice from the posters above

I'm happy to report the speakers arrived at intended destination without a hitch and everthing is intact

I appreciate all your comments on the subject