Help: Shindo Mobrinson or EAR 868

I am considering these pre amps to match with EAR 890 power amp. From what I heard, the Shindo Monbrison pre matches very well with the EAR890. The EAR 868 pre is cheaper and has balanced inputs.

Please advise. Thanks
I'd go with the EAR 868. I own Shindo gear but when it comes to EAR and BAT equipment I think fully balanced with their matching preamps is the way to go.
Yes, agreed, I'd go either all one way or the other. Shindo sounds best with Shindo.
thank so much for the inputs!
is ear at the same level as shindo?
I've had both.  Monbrison with Cortese and Sinhonnia and 868 with First Watt J2.   I preferred the 868.  Much better driver than the Monbrison.