help ? settting up high pass alignment filter

I have an old 801 matrix III speaker , i am trying set up a ? b& w matrix high passs alignment filter . it has a rca input and output connection. how should i connect them. what is it suppose to do.
You can just put it between the preamp and amp, if you are not running you amp balanced or:

You can put it in your tape loop, (which I prefer) whether or not you are running balanced.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

i am running balance. how do put it in the tape loop?
Pretend it is a tape recorder:

Go from the tape out of the preamp to the input of the filter, then from the output of the filter to the tape input of the preamp.

The filter will only be in the system, when you press the tape monitor switch.

Hope this helps. If not, ask again.
hi sorry i am still confuse. I have the mark levinson380 S pre amp. it doesn't have a tape loop label on the back. it does have rec A out and rec B out on the back is that the same thing. if i use the rec A out to the filter, which input on the preamp should i connect the filter output to? and how do i know if it's activated? let say if i am listen to cd or tuner , i can't really push the tape switch?
Do you have the owner's manual for the Levinson? It should tell you how to hook up a tape recorder. It will be the same for the filter.

If you don't, I'll check my Krell and see how they do it. (probably similar)