Help Setting up Denon AVR 3600 for two channels...

hi, sorry to bug you but i can't figure out something silly...i've had a denon avr 3600 for a few years running our home theater 5.1 setup. we've done some work on the house and now this receiver will be used for good 'ol 2 channel stereo duty. i lost the manual and can't figure out how to wire the speakers, etc. to get normal 2 channel sound out of the denon. everything i tried was met with silence....

if anyone can offer some advice i'm all ears, thanks!!
If only using two speakers connect them to the front left and right terminals. The remote set to stereo output. The input set to auto for analog or digital.
Try downloading the manual from the denon website located in the discontinued product archives. (this model doesn't have a manual listed for download so try a simular model ie. 3300).
Hope this helps.
Try the following section for discontinued products on the Denon web-site ... Even though they do not have a downloadable owner's manual for the 3600 series, they have one for the 3800 series. My hunch is that the procedure may be similar.

Regards, Rich
Hook it up to a tv and go through the setup menu. Hit the enter button and go to speaker configurations. From there you can turn off the center channel, surround channels, and subwoofer. Hopefully that will solve your problem. Beyond that I am not sure.