Help set up OPPO 105

Need assistance with my OPPO 105 and He gel integrated. I like streaming off my OPPO i.e Pandora etc However I want to utilize the Dac on my Hegel over Oppo DAC. What connectors will I need? I was told an Spdif cable is all I need

Step by step be most helpful

Thanks in advance
You already have your answer...
So I only need a SPDIF. cable nothing else if ghats correct. However what do I do in relation to settings on OPPO 105?
1. Remove the RCA/XLR connections from Oppo to Hegel.
2. The connect the S/PDIF cable from Oppo to Hegel
3. Switch the "Input" as "S/PDIF" (or whichever corresponding) on the Hegel.
4. Sit down and enjoy your music!

No other settings on the Oppo.
The Oppo 105 has 1 of THE best DAC's in it already. It Uses the ESS Saber dac chipset. I don't think the Hegel will out perform it. And if your going to be listening to Hi rez FLAC files your way better off with the OPPO by it self, because of the Hi rez and up sampling capability.
Matt Miller - Thanks for the advice. The music apart from CD I will use is streaming from Oppo. When I tried switching between the Oppo and Hegel the Hegel just sounded better and clearer. Maybe I have the Oppo set up wrong. Any advise so I can get the best sound out of the Oppo over the Hegel? Thanks
Get some DSD files and try them thru the Oppo. You will be pretty impressed. Before doing so, make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the Oppo. Their website will give you step-by-step instructions if you aren't clear on installing the firmware updates. Cheers,

Just an fyi, at least as I understand it ... If wanting to use the Oppo and its DAC to play DSD files, the playback will not be in DSD if the DSD files are wirelessly streamed to the Oppo via the Oppo's WiFi adapter. On the other hand, playback is in DSD if the DSD files are on a harddrive connected directly to the Oppo's USB port.
You'll want to hook up the analog inputs too if you have any SACDs or DVD-Audio discs. Like others have said you should listen to the 105's analog outputs, you may be surprised at how good it sounds.
Thanks for feedback. So regardless of if I'm using the DAC in OPPO or Hegel I only need SPDIF cable and can swap accordingly?
the Oppo has a long break in time before it sounds good
Oddiofyl: If you are using the DAC in the Oppo, you'll need to go out the analog inputs to your pre-amp. If you hookup with only the digital cable, the Oppo DAC will be doing work but you'll not be sending its analog outputs anywhere!

Ditto on the break in time needed for the Oppo (video or analog); both required 500+ hours here at a minimum...