Help selecting processor for Klipsch. Denon, Rote

I am currently running a Denon 2802 as a processor for my Klipsch system. I use a Rotel RB1090 for the mains and receiver amps for the other 3 channels. My problems are excess hiss from mains, and some harsh sound at high levels. I tested with an outlaw preamp last year and was impressed. Most problems resolved.

I would rather use a receiver for now if I can find one that would perform on par with a preamp. I have heard that sonically, there is no difference from the 2800 or 3800 series Denons.

I would like some input on whether a receiver can give me the smooth, detailed, low noise response I am after, or if I should be looking for separates. As well, I am looking for recommendations of what would blend well with a KLipsch system. I love my Rotel amp but understand their preamps might be lacking in features.
The new Denon AVR-3311, 2311 and 1911 are getting great reviews and match Klipsch exceptionally well.