Help selecting a preamp/processor please.

Hi all. I mainly have a 2 channel system that I've integrated HT into. I have an ARC LS5MkIII preamp for my 2 channel system which only accepts balanced inputs and outputs. I replaced a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 with the ARC. The Line 1 had both SE and XLR inputs and HT passthough, but I couldn't resist trying the ARC. I ran my B&K Reference 20 pre/pro to the Line 1 and used the HT pass through for HT. The Ref 20 doesn't have balanced outputs so now I'm looking for a pre/pro with balanced outputs.
I need suggestions in the 2K price range. My systems is as follows:

Sonic Frontiers Power 2 amp
ARC LS5MkIII preamp
Cary CD303/100
B&K Reference 20
Pioneer Elite DV-09
B&K ST1430II amp for center/rears
All Vienna Acoustics Speakers: Beethovens/front
Maestro/center and Haydns in the rear
Cabling is all Cardas Golden or Neutral Reference

I'm trying to find something that will compliment my system. I would appreciate all ideas or suggestions.

Thanks all! Mike.
Anthem AVM2 or the latest;the 20--Both have balanced outs.
Look for a Primare P30 pre/pro as it includes XLR and RCA main outs. They are hard to find and the P30 includes a 100% analog in 2-channel by-pass mode. I've compared it in my home against a Conrad-John PV14, the Electrocompaniet preamp, and an Ayre K3-X which is rated is rated class A in Stereophile.

The P30 was much more detailed and transparent than all three of the above. Only the Ayre offered any competition, but even then it was not difficult to determine the P30 was more detailed.

My guess is that if you try a P30, you'll end up selling your ARC and your B&K.

The Anthem AVM-2 can be found used, usually for around $1400, and is a great unit, especially at that price.
I'd stick with Anthem AVM 20, Proceed AVP 2, or Tag Mclure AVR 32.

I'd like to hear what you decided on, as I am looking to upgrade as well but haven't made any final decisions.
Why dont you just get a Rane Balanced Buddy for $125 if you want to convert the single ended output to balanced. It is a passive transformer and is used in recording studios. (Unless of course you WANT another processor). Most A/V preamps with balanced outs either have the same transformers to derive the inverted signal or they have an inverting amp module. You would need to find one that has dual differential DACS for each channel and the corresponding xlr outs to make a difference to the B&K (regarding the balanced issue). Of course, there may be other better processors available, but not just because of balanced outputs. Hope this is helpful
I have an update for this thread. Having had 5 processors in the last 6 months--you know,wanting that megabuck one I though was the answer,but couldn't afford --I bought yet another. This --the Meridian 565-- older,with the 7.1 DTS upgrade KILLS whatever I had before.(Including AVM2,for less money)