Help Selecting a Good Tube Phono Stage?


I need some help deciding on an economical tube phono stage for my system. It must be reasonably priced as my wife and I are cooking a baby in the oven. My system consists of a JVC QLY-66F turntable, a Uwe body Denon DL-103R cartridge, a pair of nice Bogen MO100A tube monoblocks, and a vintage pair of Klipsch Cornwall speakers. A nice tube Pre-amp would be nice too but I am thinking that purchasing a phono stage will be more economical. Besides, this is my vinyl only system and a full pre-amp is not required. I do have a Bob's Decices cinemag step-up transformer if needed, but will sell if my new phonostage is flexible enough to use with both MC and MM cartridges.

Thanks in advance for any input.
"Economical"is a relative term. You might want to suggest a budget.
I was looking for another tube phono stage, at some fairly pricey ones too, and I bought a PS Audio GCPH as a stop gap while I looked, and you know what? I kept the PS Audio, it's a modded one from Parts Connexion, but the standard one sounds great. Just a thought.
Would second the PS Audio GCPH.....
$350 or so will get you a Pro-ject Tube Box SE or II.
Yes i have one for sale at AA but there is another one there cheaper than mine :)

I liked the sound and swapping tubes gives you some change.
if you want to spend around that but want a much better phono stage get a Bottlehead Seduction kit with the CS4 upgrade. Pretty much just a MM stage but the sound is so sweet. Its clean and sweet.

I just got a Wright PP200c and it is even more tube sounding than the Seduction.
I was also going to suggest the Wright WPP200C. You should be aware that this phono requires RCA loading plugs to properly load the impedance, and sound its best, with MC cartridges.
Dear Tvad,

I just got my WPP200c and wonder if you could give a description of the sound? I know what i hear just want some comparison in my listening.

I haven't owned the WPP200C for two years or so, but I remember it had a very three-dimensional, organic sound. It's top end extension and bass control were not the most refined I had heard, but the Wright made music in a terrific manner.

If you use MC carts, and if you need some loading plugs, I have a few pairs that I would be willing to sell (24, 200 and 380 ohms). You would also need three way RCA adapters, which I have as well.
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as already mentioned, a Bottlehead Seduction with the C4S mods is a great bargain. It only uses a pair of 6922s, and with the right tubes, punches above its price.
Thanks TVAD

You confirm what i hear. I have bright 12ax7 tubes in the WPP200c and it helps but it definitely has a bloom in the midtones that is different very rich and organic. I like this the best with classical and the least with rock. It is an amazing sound and very different from the Seduction I have.

I wanted one of these and finally got one (one of the last one made)especially for the two pots so i can adjust balance for my room.
Grinnell, good NOS tubes are essential with the WPP200C. It responds very well to tube rolling.
I have a decent stock of 12ax and 12au tubes mostly mullards which i think are too dark, tubey, too much mid range so i might look for brighter tubes that might be thiner in the midrange. I have De Capo speakers which may accent the midrange
I used different combinations of Mullard, Siemens and RCA.

Sounds like you might be a candidate for RCA or Siemens.
I have some RCA5814's in it now with Sylvania 12ax7wa's.

In my tube box se and my primaluna PL2 the sylvania'a are too bright but it opened up the WPP200c
I was also using RCA 5814. Liked them very much.