Help select integrated 2 channel amp under 1000

In the market for an integrated... Currently have Martin Logan motion 12's.. Audioquest type 4....shiit audio bifrost.. Squeeze box duet.. Morrow audio cables... Would prefer to have subwoofer options... As well as phono options... But not essential... Remote would be nice too... Open to tube hybrid or solid state... Thanks for any help...
vincent hybrid preowned.
Used will get you more, but if its new you want and with your budget, one immediately comes to mind. The Marantz PM8004.
At 1K list, this is no ordinary Marantz. It is built at their reference factory in Japan, boasts 70 wpc in 8 ohms, 100 wpc into 4 Ohms, +100 damping factor, +25 amps peak current and weighs a hefty 27 lbs.
I once heard this amp driving a pair of 10K Sonus Faber Cremona M's to some very impressive levels. So much so, I bought its big brother the PM15S2 LE and couldn't be happier. Good luck in your search.
Denon PMA-A100 or PMA 2000IVR on the used market if you can find one.
Been looking at a music hall a25.2 or 35.2, Creek audio evolution first Gen.. Outlaw Rr2150 or perhaps a nad 375bee.. Any thought? Wide listening tastes... Jazz.. Ambient... Rock.. Hip hop... Low frequency electronic... Sub out is an interest as I plan on adding an svs to the mix...

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Check out the classe cap-150 for sale on agon now. I have owned many classe amps and preamps and they are very good.
Peachtree Nova 125 can be had for around $1100-1200 from some dealers.
I'll second Paraneer's suggestion of the Marantz PM8004. Preouts for the sub, MM phono and remote.
Agree with the CAP150, it may be getting older, but this is a solid design that has not been walked over. This is a solid audiophile product with good imaging, dynamics and power supply to power those ML.
I'll third the Marantz PM8004 suggestion. It has all the features you're looking for and sounds great. If you can stretch your budget a bit, or you can find a used model, the Rogue Sphinx is also highly recommended in the hybrid integrated category.
Given your needs, I agree with the PM8004 recommendations provided it will drive your speakers to the level you need in the room you are using. There is a great difference in sound between the Vincent Hybrid integrateds (warm, great soundstage) and the Classe SS ones (detailed to point of analytical in my opinion, tight bass). Both good products, however they emphasize the need to know what it is about the sound of ones system one prefers most.
Thanks for everyone's help and opinions.. I have come to a final conclusion.. Awhile in the making... Creek audio evolution 50a.
Found a decent deal a skoche over a grand...
Now looking at Pangea for some ac upgrades..
I happen to have a brand new PM8004 which im getting ready to sell on here for a good price. Hit me up or look for it in the next day or so.
Congrats on your purchase. Pangea PCs are good choice for $$$.
I hope someone see this post soon. I'm also looking for advice on pairing my Motion 12s with a good stereo integrated amp. I am willing to spend up to 1,500$ so some lower end tube amps could also be in play. Jolida? 
Rogue Sphinx integrated.
Renewing this thread. I'm still looking for advice from other Martin Logan Motion 12 users. What amplifiers are you using for best results with classical, jazz or vocal music? I'm currently using my old warhorse Denon PMA 1500 but believe my ML 12's will perform better with a 100W or higher output - hence the search.  I'm evaluating the Parasound Halo. Does anyone have comments or suggestions?