Help Save Klipcsh from B & O

My buddy rolled into town this weekend with his girlfriend. He has a pair of Klipsch Cornwall that he bought new and are being refurnished. He was going to stop at B & O and buy something to power them. I have stepped in to save him. He has a couple of thousand dollars to spend. He has a medium sized living room and does not want to fuss with tubes.

For his budget what would be recommendations for:

1. An integrated SS amp. Having a phono stage would be desirable.

2. A DVD player that would also play CD's

3. I'm particular to Coincident for speaker and I/C.

4. A FIM for the wall outlet.

5. A Tuner.

6. Any other items.

Sugden A21 amp and keep the Cornwalls???
A very long time ago I had a pair of Heresey's and a B&O 2400 receiver. I didn't know any better back then--I didn't read these forums (if they even existed). What I did know was that the B&O looked really cool, had a very good FM section, and didn't have much power (which is a good match for Klipsch). I used this combination for at least 10 years and quite honestly the balance between the B&O and the Klipsch was very good. The Klipsch are not detailed speakers. They roll off at 17k and don't have much going on below 35Hz. Well, guess what, most of the problems with B&O are grain at high frequencies and they don't have much of a bottom end. So the end result was actually good system synergy for a not so hi fi system--but very enjoyable.
"HF grainy" equipment driving a Klipsch doesn't sound to me like a good combination; I'd think that those horns would tear you up - soooo revealing. Richard's report is interesting though & perhaps a certain synergy was found using a given combination of cabling along with Heresy's & that B&O?
So I was thinking to suggest a nice receiver. A used Magnum Dynalab MD208 would fit the requirements & target price.
However I will say that Klipsch driven with mosfet's via MIT speaker cabling has always worked well in my experience. Perhaps a Musical Fidelity integrated.
It was some very basic monster cable at the time. Keep in mind at that time Monster was THE audiophile cable. Having anything bigger than 16 AWG lamp cord was considered an excessive luxury. As to the grain, maybe I misspoke. The B&O had more of a high frequency hiss to it, you could hear it on speakers that went flat up to 20 kHz, but could not hardly notice it on the Klipsch. There were never any issues with the midrange, in fact, that is where the B&O actually worked quite well with the Klipsch. Again, it was a long time ago, and I don't own any of the equipment anymore--and I'm sure my methods of listening have changed dramatically--but I do distinctly remember the music being very enjoyable.