Help--SACD volume too low

I have a Lexicon mc-12 and a Sony NS500V player. When playing SACD (2 ch or 5.1) and using the 5.1 ch inputs on the Lexicon, the sound comes thru but with a low volume. This occurs when using either the analog by-pass or the internal processing of the Lexicon. The connections and set ups are per the manuals and the cables are ok.All other formats play fine. In contrast, connecting my DVD-audio player in a similar way, the volume is plentiful. To add more confusion, I connected the Sony (2 ch) to the Lexicon stereo analog in and the volume is plentiful. I also connected the Sony (2 ch) to another pre-amp and volume is plentiful. Can anyone explain why the DVD-audio plays at loud volumes and the SACD doesn't? Any ideas will be appreciated.
The player may be set to 2 channel out. Does it have a setup menu?
My older sony 775 has onboard "bass management" that includes digital "balance" controls between speakers.. I don't use this, but it could also be if your sony has them that they are set wrong...low. Also, some sacds, and in particular I have experience with the multi channel Kind of Blue, seem to be recorded very low...But, now as I write this I think it must be something else (and as Bob Dylan says, I don't know what it is). Good luck!
Don't know about the Sony units, but the output of the Philips SACD 1000 is about 25% lower on SACD than what it outputs on redbook CD. As such, you'll have to increase the gain to obtain the same AVERAGE spl levels. With that in mind, i really don't think that SACD is very suitable for most folks running passive line stages.

To top the lower output of the machine off, my personal thoughts are that SACD's are being recorded at a slightly lower level with less compression being applied. This means that low volume passages are quieter and there is an increase in dynamic range. While this leads to better sonics, one must turn up the gain to actually hear all that is going on. As such, the potential for system overload is increased and the lack of "average" volume that we are used to hearing has not been maintained.

With that in mind, if your system is NOT "built like a tank" and capable of very high SPL, i would proceed with caution when initially adjusting volume levels. It is possible that you could adjust the gain for what is a quiet passage and when the dynamics kick in, you could stress the amplifier and / or speakers. Sean
Thanks for the comments. The Sony does have set-up for multi ch (levels, distance, size test tone) and I set it per the maual for my type of system. The Lexicon does as well. I have set all gains to maximum levels ( carefully using the master volume controller thereafter)
I agree with you that the sacd's tend to be recorded at lower levels, however my volume difference is 90%! The SPL's for all other formats and sacd 2 ch played thru the stereo pair analog inputs (numbers 1-5) are all fine (recognizing differences between formats). It appears to be in the sacd player 5.1 ch outputs to Lexicon 5.1 ch (input numbers 6,7,& 8 ) loop. This even puzzles the tech's at Lexicon, but they are investigating. Maybe the best way to determine whether or not it's the player or the pre-amp is by trial and error with another player. When I find the problem, I'll post the details.

I know of someone that had problems with their Lexicon MC-12 and the tech's could not figure out what was causing it. This person was not alone with the problem that they had as i've seen others mentioning it on various HT audio sites. After going round and round with the problem and Lexicon, he finally gave up and went back to using the processor in a less than optimum configuration. He was forced to do this to get around the problem. Needless to say, he wasn't happy about spending $10K+ to get a run-around and not be able to take full advantage of what was supposed to be a "world class" product. Sean