Help ripping a single SACD?

I'd like to get one SACD ripped to my server. For now, I'm interested in ripping one and only one disk, so would like to send the disk to someone who can offer that as a service.

My Hegel HD25 DAC is PCM, so a final ISO to PCM conversion is needed, probably a .wav or a .flac file? My server is a Squeezebox Touch dishing out PCM at 24/96.

The disk is a hybrid-SACD (Live Recordings at Red Rose Music) and if too many brain cells are destroyed in pursuit of the higher-rate PCM, then maybe it's not worth the endeavor. I'm thinking it'd be fun to have one hi-res album, since so far my collection is made up from only Redbook files.

Do you want to help?
Try this guy:
Thanks Krr4; I send the guy a PM and we'll see what he says!
I have an SACD player and I am not convinced that there is any real difference. You might try making a copy of the redbook layer and the. Have someone switch them for you and see if it really makes a difference.

The conclusion that I am coming to is that SACDs are generally great recordings and it translates equally to the redbook and sacd layers. I do still listen to the sacd layer when it is available just in case it is better!
I have a Tascam CDR.
I have copied SACD's via my Cary 306 SACD player using the analog outs to a quality CDR. I know my copy is only 16/44, but they sound great!.
My reasoning is that using the analog outs is what we actually amplify and hear, so why wouldn't that make a good copy?
Just wondering, did that guy get back to you?

Bruce in PA
Bruce Brown at Puget Audio studios offered to rip them for $25 a pop. Not sure if he is interested in doing just one, but won't hurt to ask. He does not actully rip the discs, bu plays the DSD stream out of his Playback designs DAC and captures the track on a digital workstation.
Howdy Folks, thanks for the very thoughtful replies.

The AudioCircle guy did reply to me. He lives somewhat nearby, so I'll probably pursue his help and maybe we'll meet up in person.

Mceljo: I do intend to follow the path you've described which is to A/B the redbook and SACD layer translated to 24/192PCM.

Cheers, Ralph