Help: right channel not working on Yamaha rx-v3000

It worked just fine over 10 years, but a few weeks ago, the right channel ceased working. I accidentally turned it on for a few days, and after that no sound came from the right main speaker. I only hear some static noise on the right speaker. All other speakers work fine.
Does this sound an easy fix?
Many thanks for your input
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With further testing, I've found out the receiver does not work for all digital inputs, but it works for analog input. That is, if I play my CD player with RCA jacks, the receiver works for both inputs, but with digital connection, the right channel does not work.
At least I can use it for 2 channel receiver, but it would be nice if the problem is simple enough for me to fix it.
Maybe the dac is ready for a retire.
If it works for the rca input and plays at the speakers, that eliminates a blown output channel, which is good. My guess is that it may be a bad digital cable. Some, especially early, digital cables were fiber optic and contained glass internally. These types of cables cannot be bent or crimped since it will break the glass inside.
This is easy enough to check by just swapping out your cable for another.
If that doesn't work, you may need to bring it in for service and have them check it out internally.Hope it's just a cable, good luck.

Have you try unplug it from the AC outlet for a minute to reset the processor?
Thanks for response.
Looks like DAC parts are dead.
I ordered digital to 5.1 analog signal converter. Hope it would work, even with sound quality degrade.
The digital to 5.1 converter, with the 6.1 channel input from the receiver, worked just fine. It cost me $60 for the converter and I guess I can save the Yamaha receiver for a while.