Help resolve a 2-into-1 system dilemma

We are running two separate systems through one CD player, and just switched from a Jolida JD-100A to an Audio Aero Prima. The Jolida had two sets of RCA inputs, while the AA has only one, and a set of XLR inputs. Neither amp we have has XLR jacks, so we have only one amp connected at a time.

Is there any accessory or method for connecting both amps through the Audio Aero at the same time, or am I stuck having to physically switch the IC's each time I go between them?

Thank you,
purchase the appropriate XLR to RCA adapters
Thank you very much. I'll get a pair.
Sorry, I should have asked. Do you know a good source for such a thing?
As Mejames suggested XLR to RCA adapters. You should be fine running both outputs simultaneously.

I dont want to nitpick but, the CD is the source, so your two systems run "from" not "through" it. Secondarily those are "outputs" not "inputs" on the two CD players.
Just ordered some. Thank you so much.
Thanks for the correction. Maybe MY name should be distortion.