Help requested setting up REL subwoofer pair

I just received my second Strata III but instructions do not tell how to hook up a matching pair. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
Hello Jcambron,

I, also, have two Rel Strata IIIs, and I have them set up on opposite corners behind my front speakers. I followed the instructions, as per the manual, to set up the first one. I measured the exact distance from the back and sidewalls and put the second sub in the other corner the same distances from said walls. The effect is amazing. With one sub set up I had many dips and peaks throughout the room/apartment, and I never really felt the bass was right. Once I got the other one home and dialed it in, all the dips and peaks were gone and what remained was bliss. others may have different solutions to your situation; I'm just giving you what worked for me, YMMV. Good luck, once you get it right, I think you're really going to enjoy the sound.......John
I assume you are referring to the wiring, not placement.
Try contacting the US distributor Sumiko.

Phone: 510.843.4500
I have one REL Strata III and have always wondered about this myself. I have a custom made Neutrik Speakon cable, and don't see how a second custom cable set could piggy back on the first set, since my Bi-wired speaker terminals are jammed already. I guess I'd have to use the little wires that comes with the REL instead. Ahh, but the custom cable sounds much better..
See P14 of the manual:

Describes in detail
Thanks to all who responded. J k...your answer provided the specific wiring information I needed. Thanks so much!
Did you buy it used? Those instruction are included with all the ST subs.
The instructions included with the sub and those on the website are different.... Found the ones on the website to be more useful...