HELP requested for system setup analogue source

Hello all,

After his relocation, I have been busy for a week in order to help my nephew setting up his system. Disappointment all over concerning analogue sound reproduction. Could you please help us out here ....

Given is the following system:

SME 20/2 turntable with SME V gold arm
Ortofon Rohmann select cartridge
Ortofon N8 copper interlink (blue)
Mark Levinson 25 S phono preamp
MIT 350 proline reference interlink
Mark Levinson 380S line preamp
Nordost Valhalla balance interlink 30 ft
Mark Levinson 33H power amps
MIT Shotgun Oracle V1
Avalon Eidolon speakers

Power amps are humming (not over speakers but in power amps themselves;
Sound far too airy, hardly any bass. For CD reproduction sound is 'okay' for now.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys ...
With that junk its no wonder the sounds sucks! JUST KIDDING!!!!!

If you want some decent answers why don't you describe the room including all dimensions, furnishings, openings (incl glass windows, and present location of speakers and listening position. Might also mention any limitations to movement of speakers and listening position.

BTW the humming from the transformers in the amps is probably caused by problems in the power being supplied. You may want to consider getting a high quality power conditioner.
Sounds like you may have a item leaking dc which is causing the 33H's transformers to sing.

Try walking through the 'Humbusters' section in PS Audio's interactive toolbox. The link is on the right.

PS Audio Toolbox

It should help you track down the offending component.

Good Luck,
Hi guys,

In addition to the amp question mentioned above, the amps are humming autonomously, DC leaking is not an issue here, IMHO. Seems that this concerns the transformators ..???...
If the amps are humming by them selves with no other components hooked up than you may have a incoming power problem. You may have some DC on the incomming lines. You mention amps so I'm asumming there are two and it seems odd that both would have a problem at the same time. Most power conditioners will be of no help in solving this problem but as mentioned above the PS Audio web site explains in great detail about hum and why! They do have a product for this problem called the humbuster. Good Luck!
Two mono poweramps buzzing..... it could either be the transformers physiscally humming, which can be solved by (TURN OFF THE POWER!!!!!) tightening the nut in the middle of each transfomer gently, or it could be that they have a ground loop. Plug them into different AC outlets, see if that helps.