Help: Replacement Caps Advise

I need to replace the (350V 100uf) caps in a pair of 6550 push-pull amps. 20 all up so the replacement needs to be somewhat sensibly priced. Any pointers in the right direction would be great.
F&t caps should do the trick. A good German lytic with a compact size. The Sprague are also good. They are directional. Wrong direction and they will blow. When removing the old ones, use a heat sink to protect other parts as heat can change the value and or destroy the adjacent parts.
Sounds like you need an electrolytic capacitor, all of which are polar, as Jallen infers. Very good ones include very large ones made by Mundorf (which may in fact be nonpolar; I forget) and more reasonable size polar ones made by Panasonic (TS-ED series) and Nichicon (FX series). The Mundorf are by far the most expensive but worth it if you have the room for them on your chassis. I think you can buy them from Parts Connexion in Canada. The Panasonic and Nichicon are relatively tiny and dirt cheap and can be purchased from Digikey or Mouser in the USA.