Help: Replacement Caps Advise

I need to replace 20 (350V 100uf) caps in a pair of 6550 push-pull amps. 20 all up so the replacement needs to be somewhat sensibly priced. Any pointer in the right direction would be great.
Radial capacitor About $ 2 each

Axial Capacitor About $ 7 each

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And if you want to go crazy and have the room for them

Polypropylene capacitor at about $30 each but I'm sure a qty. discount can be had if ordering 20 of them.

Best of luck

F&T from antique electronics for 100 uf 450v for less than 10.00 ea. Good caps and been around a long time. Jallen
Make sure the caps are rated for 105 degrees C. Don't scrimp on the quality of the caps you use as the power supply is the heart of the amplifier. Nichicon caps work well.
Top quality electrolytic: Panasonic TS-ED; $2.65 each at Digikey. Designed for high ripple industrial SMPS applications, rated for 105 deg C.