Help Remote problem with Nak AV-10


This is my first time posting here.

I'm having trouble with the remote for a Nak AV-10. My wife bought the system a few years ago (right before we met), and the manuals seem to have disappeared... I have a feeling that the remote needs to be reset, or it's broken, because there is zero response from the receiver. The "learn" LED lights up, so something's going on in there - I'm hoping it just needs to be reset.

Problem is, there's no obvious way to do it. The remote is way more complex than the front panel of the reciever, and I suspect there's some combination of keys to be pressed.

The reason I need the remote is to do something about the center-channel disappearing whenever I use the digital inputs from a Nak DVD-10s. So, if anyone has any tips there, I'd be a happy camper.

Does anyone have an AV-10 that would be willing either to let me know how to reset the remote or take a look in their manual and pass the info along?

Thanks very much-

I dont own NAK gear but on the few Universal remotes Ive used there is usually a small recessed hole that you press with a pen tip or pin. Look for one of those. Maybe Nakamichi has a website or usergroup that posts a .pdf manual.
I have to say Nakamichi has the worst site for support I've seen from a major manufacturer. No manuals, not even a mention of anything before their current lines. It's amazing. I've checked for usergroups, but haven't found anything. But thanks!