Help regarding SACD/CD players

Yes, I still spin the cd's, and I love them. I love shopping for them, organizing and reorganizing them (sometimes on the same day), admiring my organizational skills (and then lamenting my lack of them), and rediscovering that I own this-or-that-cd after almost buying it earlier that day. Consider it an irrational fetish, if you must; insist (to yourself) that I should grow up and join the streaming community; laugh at my growing collection of SACD's, declared all but dead years ago. But, if you have the kind of advice I'm after, please offer away.

I have a modest living room system, powered by a fabulous Luxman receiver from the late 1980's. I play my cd's through an NAD player (which I run through a Schiiit Audio Multibit DAC), and SACD's through a Yamaha BD/DVD/SACD/everything-else player.

Here's my question. Does it make better sense to:

1. Get a really good (within reason, and probably used) SACD/CD player to do all the work? Maybe something from Arcam or Marantz, or something in that general price range? Any suggestions on what I might look for?

2. Keep SACD-ing through the Yamaha, which sounds good, but replace the NAD with a transport (I like the Audiolab 6000CDT better than the Cambridge Audio), and then graduate to a better DAC? I have a whole lot of cd's, and relatively few SACD's, so the priority is with the former.  

3. Come up with some heretofore unthought of option? (Yes, I will likely secure a Bluesound Node 2i at some point, but I'm an inveterate incarnationalist and gotta have my discs, silver and vinyl. Cleaning, holding, admiring; they're like children! I love my babies.)

4. Just shut up and continue to play on what I have? My wife favors this option, though she has yet to learn that it is but one option. 


That's a Sony universal player?
Yes, it does CD/SACD (single & multi channel)/DVD and “Super-Bit”.
Anton - For what it’s worth, I purchased a used Arcam SACD player / streamer and I couldn’t be happier.  It sounds great and has opened my world to the benefits of SACDs.  It’s been operating fine for three years.  Go for it!
There is a site on the web for SACD's which is it out.
try to locate and check for a Sony SCD-XA5400es (cd/sacd), world class with reasonable cost.