Help Rega RB300 owners

Need help/advise on adjusting the height of the tonearm cueing platform on a RB300. Need to increase the height of the platform so that it makes contact with the tonearm. This was not a problem till I changed the cartridge on the RB300 from a Sumiko Bluepoint2 to a Lyra Helikon. The tracking force on the Bluepoint2 was 2gm as compared to 1.6gm on the Helikon.To make matters more complicated, I have added the Michell VTA adjuster recently. The TT is a Michell Gyro SE.
At present I have to manually lower the tonearm/stylus on to the lp. Given that the bulk of my listening is done under the influence of alcohol, this is a potentially hazardous situation. The RB300 was supplied with the Gyro SE and the manual says the dealer can adjust the the cueing platform. This does't help coz the Michell dealer knows even less than I do!!
Puhleez help.
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There is a hex-head screw (2mm I believe) for adjusting the cueing platform. It's easy. Loosen the screw, raise the platform by hand, tighten the screw. On a side note, I don't feel the Rega is good enough to get all the available performance for the Helikon.
Narrod is correct, however, there are things you can do to make the arm MUCH better than stock. It really benefits from the dropped counterweight style, Incognito rewires, and VTA adjustment mechanism. With all of that done, you have a world class arm at a meager price. The improvements are not subtle - the dropped counterweight does the most help.
Have the upgraded counter weight on mine, I think it is a pretty great arm..........its no SME V but it is a solid performer.
>>you have a world class arm at a meager price<<

No you don't.

You can re-wire it, add a counterweight, or mod it to the max but the RB300 will never be considered a world class tonearm.

try cardas wire and TWL's hi fi mods and it will equal my origion live silver which has been reviewed and placed in the very nearly top tier (allowing as we all know for that diminishing returns thingy). The new wire and Twl mod is EVERYTHING for this arm. Cheers, david
Many thanks. Have a RB1000 on order.Have limited choices given that any tonearm upgrade will need an armband etc. Have also ordered the special counter weight from Music Direct, Chicago. Shall implement the 2mm hex screw solution tonight and report.
A million thanks. Have begun enjoying the Helikon on the RB300 and hopefully the RB1000 should arrive in the next week or so. Rang up the local Michell dealer who sent around someone with a 2mm hex and it took all of 2 min to solve the problem.
Happy listening